Perfect Eggs and Kale Sweet Potato Hash


I’m going to teach you how to cook delicious eggs! Oh my goodness, this method is (almost) fool proof. Fully cooked whites, runny yolks, and no flipping required. Score! I saw this technique on instagram and now I CANNOT find the girl who’s instructions they were (ARGG). I’m still looking so I will update you if I figure it out! In the meantime, thanks person.


I’m an egg person. I love my eggs. I’m also a sweet potato person so this breakfast was off the charts. On the side we have a simple onion, sweet potato, and kale ‘hash’. I put the hash in quotes because I’m not sure what really makes something a true hash. That’s just what I call it when I put a bunch of stuff together in a pan and heat it up.

This hash consisted of: Melting a small amount of duck fat, chopping onions and adding them to the pan. Washing and tearing apart kale (about 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup), adding to pan. Cutting up cooked sweet potato into cubes and adding that as well. Cooking it over medium for about 10 minutes and then it will be crazy delicious.


How to make the delicious eggs: Crack eggs into a medium temperature pan. When they start to turn white, pour small amount of water (1/4c ish) into a pan. Cover with a lid and let cook until whites are solid, and yolk seems runny still. Poke it gently and if its really firm its probably over done. It only takes about a minute or two to cook up!


Result: Amazingly delicious paleo breakfast.

I could eat this every day.

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Spicy Egg stuffed Tomatoes


This may sound obvious, but social media is a very wonderful thing. Between facebook, twitter, and instagram I have made a lot of online friends! I love interacting with likeminded people and being inspired by them. One of the awesome people I have ‘met’ is @ashatude on twitter! Shout out to Ashley :) She tweeted me a photo of this delicious breakfast and I had to take a crack at it myself! Of course I never bothered to actually read the recipe until after I was done cooking…I have an odd way of doing things. Mostly I was just to lazy to dig it up in my twitter, I won’t lie to you.

In the end, it turned out I did tweak it a bit by separating the yolks and adding hot sauce to the egg whites. You gotta have hot sauce! I just plopped the yolk right back on top after and voila. Delicious spicy eggs stuffed inside of tomatoes and cooked to perfection. It really doesn’t get much better, except for when you eat is alongside rose hip kombucha and snow peas! Snow peas are my favorite thing. They are so delicious it’s crazy!


1 Large Tomato
2 eggs
1/2 tsp hot sauce (I use frank’s original…no creepy ingredients!)
sprinkle of organic garlic powder

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the middle. You can throw it out or be cool like me and eat it. Place the tomato cups in a greased muffin tin for stability.

2. Crack the eggs into a small dish and separate the yolks out into another. whisk the hot sauce into the whites, and pour them into the tomato cups.

3. Slide the yolks back on top of the tomato and egg white cup. I use my hands, just be careful! Sprinkle with garlic powder and bake for 25 minutes.

4. Remove from oven and serve with whatever you fancy!


PRO TIP: Ever bake eggs and have them cake onto the container in which you baked them? When washing, sprinkle and scrub with baking soda and then pour a bit of water into it and let it soak. The baking soda does an awesome job of de-sticking the egg, much more than soap can accomplish! Don’t ruin your pans any longer!

Upgraded Paleo Pancakes

Hey guys! I haven’t been posting much lately but luckily this weekend my dad HOPEFULLY fixed my computer so it should start taking less than 20 minutes to log in to my computer now, which makes blogging much easier! I’m still super busy getting ready to move (keys in a week! OMG!) so I am definitely a bit preoccupied but I do have something for you :) Just enough time to write this down and run back to packing!

Paleo Pancakes
Instagram pic I shared when I ate them! @canadagirleatspaleo

I’m sure you have all heard of the pancakes that are made with just bananas and eggs. If not, all you do is mash 1 banana with 2 eggs and cook as you would a usual pancake. They are really simple and really good! However, they are sometimes a bit thin and spongy, so I decided to do a little alteration without making them terribly unhealthy.

This change made them a bit more fluffy and totally yummy!! Amazing. I still really like them both ways though. Mmmm this is just the best invention EVER!



Upgraded Paleo Pancakes
Serves 2

2 bananas
4 eggs
¾ cup unsweetend coconut flakes
½ tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
Coconut oil for cooking

Mash the bananas and mix thoroughly with the eggs. Stir in the coconut flakes, vanilla, and cinnamon. Pour into a hot pan with hot melted coconut oil on it. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side!


They are really simple and really good! I usually eat them plain but I drizzled some apple syrup on them last time for a nice Saturday morning treat.

Simple & Elegant Breakfast


Garlic and Kelp Zucchini fried in duck fat, pan cooked cherry tomatoes, and 2 perfect over easy eggs. That is my idea of a beautiful and delicious breakfast. If only I had some bacon in there it would have probably been out of this world!


This is something simple that you might not think of right away. A really good substitute on the 21DSD for hash browns made out of sweet potatoes with your breakfast. The best part is it takes under 15 minutes for this whole beautiful plate to be ready!

Kelp and Garlic Zucchini

1 small zucchini, sliced with a mandolin or very thinly
1/2 tsp. kelp flakes
1/2 tsp. organic garlic powder
1 tbsp. duck fat for frying

Combine in a frying pan over medium heat and stir regularly for 5 minutes. voila. that simple!


For the tomatoes: simply put them in the pan alongside your two eggs, in a small amount of duck fat for frying. They are so incredibly amazing! and so simple. This is really something you have no excuse to try! Unless you can’t eat these foods of course.

Paleo Valentines Day Breakfast! #21DSD approved


Happy [early] valentines day to all of you lovely people out there! yes, EVEN you 21 day sugar detoxers! I’m posting this pre-vday so if you want to make this for your hunny or yourself when the big day comes, you shall be prepared!

When I first realised I was kicking sugar to the curb the month of valentines day, I blanched. No chocolate?!!?! for vday?! noooooooo! My boyfriend and I never do much for valentines day, but still. The idea that it wasn’t an option scared me. But I’ve already resisted plenty of lindt the past 6 days, so I know I don’t want to give in on the 14th.

That being said, I also wanted to do something fun for it, too! That’s when I read Diane’s post on 21daysugardetox about valentines options. There was a photo of the infamous heart bacons! And I knew that was what I must do. I had an idea about bell pepper egg hearts, and knew I had a breakfast!

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