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Paleo Lunch Series: Salad Time!

I just had this realization that I have completely neglected the ‘paleo lunch series’ that I had wanted to do on this blog. I’m not sure why seeing as I take my lunch to work pretty much everyday, so I should have a plethora of content to show you on the subject. I think I kind of forgot that I had even wanted to do that. Keeping track of everything is so difficult for me! At work I literally have 50 drafts in my inbox all of ideas that suddenly came to me that I needed to write down. And those are just the ones I haven’t done anything with yet!


Now that’s its heating up outside (yay) I am gravitating towards salads for lunch! Back in the day I was a romaine girl, but I have a new found love for spring mix, and spring mix with spinach too. It’s easy to find organic, and most are pre washed which makes life soooo much easier and me much more likely to actually eat it. Plus I’m pretty sure there are a lot more nutrients in this as opposed to romaine, which seems like mostly water. Here is a great combo I had the other day! Chicken, carrots, red pepper, red onion on top of spring mix, with some farm boy Italian dressing on top.


Farmboy has amazing dressings most of which are olive oil based only (YAY!) and all tasting really good. If you have a Farmboy locally I really recommend you buy their dressings if you need something easy and convenient. Trust me on this one!


Balsamic Vinegar, olive oil, honey, garlic, dried red pepper.

Packing this and maybe an apple with some almond butter is a great and delicious lunch that WILL satisfy. I recommend pre cooking some chicken so you can grab it and go! I do this and then my boyfriend and I will make different meals out of the chicken. This go around I had mine on salads, while he had his turned into butter chicken! It worked out well for both of us.

Just remember, if you are also a romaine person, why not try something new? I didn’t used to like spring mix…too bitter. Palettes change though, so it’s always worth trying something again!


Fake It Till You Make It: Oven Beef Skewers


One thing I have always really enjoyed is ‘shish kebabs’. There is just something about meat on a stick, LOL! But really, they are great. Unfortunately though, I am an apartment dweller. I’m betting that a lot of my younger readers are as well! Apartment living seems to be very normal for us twenty something’s. Anyways, apartment dwelling = no barbeque in a lot of cases. It is a SHAME! I hate not having a BBQ, but what can you do?

Make kebabs in the oven, for one thing. Yes, it is possible! And yes, they will still taste delicious, promise J All you need is an oven with a broiler option, which I’m pretty sure every oven has! These are simple and delicious. And a great way to get those vegetables in, seeing as you need to eat them to get to the meat! They are very customisable as well, which I really like. My boyfriend doesn’t like zucchini so I just skipped it on his skewer. More for me, muahaha!


The other good thing is that on a baking sheet the meat juices sort of leak onto the vegetables and oh my god, they taste sooo good. Especially the cherry tomatoes! NOM! That’s all I have to say about that: NOM. I wish I could have another beef skewer right now! Serve these up with a Greek salad on the side for a real treat, or just eat them as they are! A kebab with steak and vegetables on it is a great mix of protein, fat, and carbs!



Bamboo Skewers soaked for 30 minutes in water to avoid burning

2 Steaks

1 bell pepper (I used yellow)

1 red onion

1 package cherry tomatoes

2 zucchinis

Paleo-friendly steak seasoning (gluten free, soy free, etc)


  1. Pre-soak the skewers in water to make sure they don’t light a fire in your oven! Preheat the oven to the broiler settings.
  2. Cut up the steak into 1 inch pieces and trim the fat off for more even chunks. Season with the seasoning of your choice.
  3. Cut all veggies into 1 inch pieces. Arrange the veggies and steak onto skewers alternating between vegetables and meat.
  4. place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper to avoid sticking. Cook in the oven for 8 minutes, and then flip and cook for another 7 – 8 mins. The steak will stay juicy but it will also get a nice browning from the broiler.

That’s it! These are so good. My boyfriend and I LOVED them! When they were cooking in the oven it smelt like I was making pizza! I think it’s because the tomatoes were cooking down in such a delicious fashion. I can’t wait to start making more things on skewers! It’s fun and convenient. I actually ate mine standing up by the oven about 5 minutes after finishing a brutal workout. Now that was satisfying! It’s also nice to pretend you have a barbeque, even if only for one day!

Sautéed Rainbow Chard with Sundried Tomatoes and Dried Pear


This dish is something I ate before I started the 21 day sugar detox. It does include dried pears so it’s no good right now! It is really tasty at any other time though. The sweetness of the pear contrasts the saltiness of the sundried tomatoes and the bitterness of the greens quite nicely.



in the beginning


Sautéed Rainbow Chard with Sundried Tomatoes and Dried Pear
Serves 2

1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 bunch rainbow chard, washed
2 – 3 sundried tomatoes, oil drained & chopped
Hawaiian seasoning  (make sure it doesn’t have any nasty ingredients! mine includes sea salt, cracked pepper, ginger, garlic, pink salt)
2 – 3 pieces dried pear, chopped into bit size chunks


Chop the rainbow chard into small pieces and remove the very end of the stem where it is hard.

Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan over medium heat.

Add the chopped rainbow chard into the pan and cook it until it starts to wilt.

Add the tomatoes and pear and continue cooking until nicely wilted and soft.


I served mine beside a home made sausage that I made from this recipe.


Getting there but the leaves are still a bit big for my liking


That’s the stuff!!! Yum. There is actually enough for 2 people in the above photo.

Easy Roasted Vegetables


I looooove roasted veggies! They are pretty easy to make and its really nice to have yummy options on hand when you are in a pinch! Which I am quite often it seems. Not even kidding, 2 nights ago my boyfriend said this to me: “Who the hell makes chicken legs at 2 in the morning?!”

And I literally woke up early today so I could go to the grocery store, make a slow cooker spaghetti sauce, workout, and get ready for work. I do work at 11 though, don’t worry, I wasn’t up at 2 am!


Anyways, back to the vegetables!

Easy Roasted Vegetables
As many root vegetables as you like! I used:
2 parsnips
1 zucchini
some grape tomatoes
mini artichokes
sweet potato

Spices (pepper, salt, rosemary, thyme, etc)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Toss your vegetables in a roasting dish (i put in tinfoil for easy clean up) and pour about 4 tbsp of butter over them.

Sprinkle with spices and mix it all up!

If you are using less tough vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini, I suggest throwing them in about halfway through your cooking time. You can flip the other vegetables and add the delicate ones in at the same time!

Cook for about an hour, and enjoy :)


This is a great way to use up random vegetable leftovers you might have in your cupboard and fridge! I can’t wait to make more actually.

PS. The sugar detox is going well so far! Day 1 was a success :)