#Walk365 Week 1 Recap

Woot! Week 1 is done and I am super happy! I have really gotten my walk on this past week, and I captured some pretty great photos while I was at it, too! No one has joined me YET, but I’ve been getting a lot of love for my #walk365 photos on instagram so that makes me happy. Tag me in your next walking pic and I will shout you out on my page1 @canadagirleatspaleo on instagram. You can also post photos to my wall on facebook here, tweet at me, or just leave me comment here!

So here are my stats for the week:

WALKS: 7 / 7
Total Time: 310 mins aka 5.16 hours! HOLY.
Distance: roughly 15 miles :D

Day 1: 6 am Dew
Day 2: Mileage and flowers I found
Day 3: Grounding walk in the grass
Day 4: Taking the stairs in my new shoes
Day 5: View from the trail
Day 6: Emergency Helicopter at the hospital
Day 7: Me in the sunshine!

Time to continue! I will be walking to the bookstore today to buy Gather, I can’t freaking wait!!! It’s going to be a great addition to my collection. Bill and Haley are geniuses.


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