Paleo Simple Sweet Potato Soup

This is something I came up with out of desperation. Everyone says drink your bone broth but I just don’t really enjoy the flavour all by itself. Not enough to drink it straight up at least! I was feeling under the weather though and needed to get it in me, plus I was hungry too. This is what I concocted!

paleo soup-001

Simple Sweet Potato Soup

1 c Bone Broth (I used chicken)

1 sweet potato

salt, pepper, nutmeg

1. Bake a sweet potato, I microwaved mine to get it done quickly.

2. Using a blender or immersion blender, combine the baked sweet potato with 1 cup hot bone broth. Blend until Smooth.

3. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

paleo bone broth1-001

Yeah, I know, it’s the most basic thing EVER! But it did hit the spot and it was super fast to make too. I already had the broth hot in the crockpot so it made it even more simple. When you are sick and you just don’t feel like cooking, try this!

Sweet Potatoes are full of vitamins and minerals that will help you heal. Apparently ‘1’ (I say that because they vary in size so much!) sweet potato has: 769% of your daily vitamin A, 65% of your daily vitamin C, and a ton of other vitamins and minerals including potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Hmm…I’m deficient in magnesium and manganese, maybe THAT’s why I love sweet potatoes so much. I doubt it though! I just think they taste amazing.

paleo sweet potato soup1-001


Last Minute Valentines Day Snack!


paleo valentine snack1

Need something fun for the kids or playful company at the last minute that’s both healthy and yummy?

Cut up some red bell pepper hearts and cucumber x’s and o’s! This is easily done in a few minutes and it’s a cute little snack, maybe for a kids lunch! I don’t have any kids, so I just ate it myself. Perhaps you could dip them…into some delicious paleo dips!

valentines day vegetable cutting

I usually just mash an avocado and use that as an all purpose dip, but you could also try:

Livin Paleo’s Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Dip

Half Indian Cook’s Spicy Spinach Dip

Sweet Freedom’s Zucchini Hummus

paleo valentine snack

You could of course have the usual carrot sticks and any other vegetable you like along with these two cute varieties! I’ll probably be making all sots of heart shaped vegetables for myself tomorrow! Because I think that it’s fun.

21DSD Day 8: “Hey, Cravings! Leave this kid alone.”

Hello! Today is day 8 of the 21 day sugar detox! It’s still going well. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is manageable. I’m still getting tons of random cravings, to the tune of: Tim Horton’s coffee with cream and sugar, toast with butter (WTF?!), cavegirlcuisine’s strawberry meringues (I can’t get these out of my head!), ETC!


Other than that, I am good! I am starting to wonder if these cravings will ever go away, though. I’ve noticed I get a lot more cravings at work, because I’m bored I think. I’m hoping that if I keep resisting them, they will eventually leave me alone! Today when the cravings hit, I first staved them off with a big cup of organic ginger tea.

When I felt a true hunger, I snacked on my green apple of the day! I had this little combo as a DELICIOUS snack:

Cinnamon Apple Snack


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Paleo Lunch Series 2 & a dangerous snack

Welcome back for another edition of the paleo lunch series. Har har. See the other lunch ideas I have to offer Here!

Here’s a lunch I brought for myself sometime last week.


We’ve got some thinly sliced steaks of some sort, which I fried up in the morning before work. 1/2 for breakfast, 1/2 for lunch! (What’s shown is the 1/2 i ate for lunch only, no skimpy portions here!

Cauliflower, organic cherry tomatoes, snap peas and some baby carrots for dipping into the avocado pictures below them. See:

Crappy Iphone photo, my apologies


And then there is this little snack of doom! Dried pears with a smearing of coconut butter. You. will. DIE! So good. So irresistible. It’s wrong. It’s also delicious on top of no sugar added dried pineapple, mango, papaya, etc. So freaking delicious. Good on fresh apples too! Can you tell I love this stuff?


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