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As you all SHOULD know, I’m running a giveaway right now for Liz Wolfe’s awesome e-book, Skintervention. Check it out to enter! Anyways…this is a bit of a follow up to my review.

I wasn’t planning on doing this, for a variety of reasons, but a reader requested I post before and after photos of my face so here we go. I wasn’t going to, because I am A) a bit embarrassed by them, and B) I still consider myself to be very much a work in progress. I’ve suffered with bad skin for half of my life, since I was 11 years old. It’s just like what they say about weight loss- it takes a long time to get to this point, and it’s going to take a long time to get back from it.

So yeah, I’m still hoping for my skin to continue improving but there have been some major changes too (in my opinion). Also I would like to note that I do think my skins improvement is due not ONLY to the methods I have adopted, but my diet as well. Skin health comes from the inside and the outside. That being said, I know that replacing the chemicals in my skin care with natural products that don’t irritate my skin anymore has made a HUGE difference.


As you can see, I have a problem area. My cheeks are where I get the majority of my blemishes. The cheeks tend to be big and red, with active acne and scarring as well. I also used to get zits right on the edges of my lips, which have not recurred since switching to paleo (4 months).

My cheeks have definitely seen a great improvement. One of the things that may be doing it is that I no longer use shampoo, so any chemicals that I may have been reacting to are no longer rubbing up against my face all day. You can see that a LOT of the redness and broken out parts are gone now. I still have a lot of scars to fade though, huh? I need to go read back what she suggests for that one.

Pre paleo, this is what I was living with everyday. and I considered this ‘good’, much better than when i was a teenager.

changing my diet allowed me to get a bit of clearance as you can see here, but it was still not great by any means.

Now, I’m still dealing with breakouts but the quality of my skin is WAY better, and you can see that a lot of that irritated redness is gone.

I just want to thank the commenter who asked for these photos. Thanks Meg. I have realised from doing this just how far I have come! Amazing!!!! I’m so happy :) I can’t wait to see how I look six months from now!

So, after seeing those pictures I bet you are wondering:

What did I do? What do I do now?

BEFORE: I used to use ‘natural’ shampoo, NON natural conditioner, and a ‘vegan’ 3 step face wash. Random moisturizers for the body and normal toothpaste.

AFTER: I wash with coconut oil, moisturize with coconut oil again or tamanu oil. I wash my hair with baking soda, condition with Apple cider vinegar and sweet orange essential oils. Moisturize my body with coconut oil. And I just switched to coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste yesterday! Don’t worry, I took before photos of my teeth guys. I’ll post those when I have an ‘after’.

If you are curious, fellow blogger heyheyhoneybee has also posted her results. Check them out, they are pretty awesome! I WISH my skin looked like hers.

So, has this convinced you to enter the giveaway?

Everything I know I’ve learned from Skintervention, Liz’s website, and The Love Vitamin (check her out!). Thank you ladies for improving my life.


SKINTERVENTION: Review & Giveaway!!!

Woot woot! Everyone likes a giveaway right? Well, since my readers are SO supportive and nice, I thought you guys deserved a treat. A very special treat! SO stay tuned to the end for that one!

skin ads 234x60 F1 Affiliates

Skintervention is the new ebook put out by Liz Wolfe about all things skincare and beauty related. It goes into so much detail and depth, it truly is just a treasure trove of information!

I, personally, have dealt with my fair share (AND MORE) of skin care issues so I really was anticipating this book a LOT. AS SOON as I heard Liz talking about it on the Balanced Bites Podcast I knew I needed it and would be buying it as soon as it was released. I think I had to wait two months! It was torture.

But when it came out I was NOT disappointed. This book is worth every penny you might drop on it. EVERY ONE! It doesn’t just deal with the surface of your skin, although it does do that too. It is so much more than that. It takes you through all of the bodies systems and how they can also be affecting your skin. It tells you what nutrients you need to glow from the inside out. AND it takes you through different levels of skin care too! So if you want the basics, you got it. But, if you want the hard-core version, those are available too!

The best part is it’s digital, so when you win I can instantly send it your way! :)

skin ad 250x250 F2 AffiliatesI personally have already implemented many of the tricks in her book. She taught me the perfect way to do no-poo, you guys! My hair is looking amazing now. I love it! She also goes so in depth about topical oils and special treatment oils. I now use pure coconut oil to cleanse my face, jojoba oil to moisturize, and TAMANU oil to treat! It’s really great. I swear, every time I wash my face with coconut oil, it comes out looking more and more vibrant. I’ve never been as happy with my skin as I am now – in my entire life!

One of the things I love about Liz (besides her sparking personality) is that she advocates for cutting chemicals out of our daily products, and I think that is very important! I personally am allergic to SLS and SOAP! So I have always been very aware of the chemicals in our products and tried to buy more natural ones. The problem is, even a lot of the ‘natural’ things on the market today are not so natural after all. Now that I am not using any of those products I never need to worry about getting hives in the shower again. It’s cheaper too! Coconut oil for the face goes much more slowly than coconut oil for the tummy!

064-001 old beauty products

Overall, Liz has really revolutionized my routine and made my life easier, too. See that bag full of stuff up there? That is everything I am throwing away from under the bathroom counter. YEP! That bag weighed like 5 lbs at least. I ditched every single product and am faithful that I have all that I need now. I pray that by following her tips, one day my skin will be completely clear. So far, she is the only person able to give me this hope. Nothing else has ever worked as well, been as gentle, and as simple, too. This one time investment will save you so many headaches and dollars! BUT one of you need not invest a dime! I will be purchasing this guide for one of my lucky readers! All you have to do is enter below!

don’t worry, all  you need to do is like me facebook!}

The contest is running from today to March 1st, so you have over a week to enter. Please, spread the word! One person will win a copy of this amazing ebook. It might just be you!

*this review and giveaway is not solicited at all! All opinions are my own and I will be personally purchasing your copy of the skintervention for you.*

I really just want to share the power that is this e-book with one of you guys :) It has helped me a lot and that is a special thing!

Tell me, what issues do you have that you think Liz can help you solve?

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