Perfect Eggs and Kale Sweet Potato Hash


I’m going to teach you how to cook delicious eggs! Oh my goodness, this method is (almost) fool proof. Fully cooked whites, runny yolks, and no flipping required. Score! I saw this technique on instagram and now I CANNOT find the girl who’s instructions they were (ARGG). I’m still looking so I will update you if I figure it out! In the meantime, thanks person.


I’m an egg person. I love my eggs. I’m also a sweet potato person so this breakfast was off the charts. On the side we have a simple onion, sweet potato, and kale ‘hash’. I put the hash in quotes because I’m not sure what really makes something a true hash. That’s just what I call it when I put a bunch of stuff together in a pan and heat it up.

This hash consisted of: Melting a small amount of duck fat, chopping onions and adding them to the pan. Washing and tearing apart kale (about 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup), adding to pan. Cutting up cooked sweet potato into cubes and adding that as well. Cooking it over medium for about 10 minutes and then it will be crazy delicious.


How to make the delicious eggs: Crack eggs into a medium temperature pan. When they start to turn white, pour small amount of water (1/4c ish) into a pan. Cover with a lid and let cook until whites are solid, and yolk seems runny still. Poke it gently and if its really firm its probably over done. It only takes about a minute or two to cook up!


Result: Amazingly delicious paleo breakfast.

I could eat this every day.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Eggs and Kale Sweet Potato Hash

  1. I tried this, adding chicken sausage, subbing shallots for onions, and topping it off with smoked paprika. It was ABSURDLY DELICIOUS. Thank you for the recipe!

    Also the egg method worked like a charm, so thanks for that too.

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