Paleo Valentines Day Breakfast! #21DSD approved


Happy [early] valentines day to all of you lovely people out there! yes, EVEN you 21 day sugar detoxers! I’m posting this pre-vday so if you want to make this for your hunny or yourself when the big day comes, you shall be prepared!

When I first realised I was kicking sugar to the curb the month of valentines day, I blanched. No chocolate?!!?! for vday?! noooooooo! My boyfriend and I never do much for valentines day, but still. The idea that it wasn’t an option scared me. But I’ve already resisted plenty of lindt the past 6 days, so I know I don’t want to give in on the 14th.

That being said, I also wanted to do something fun for it, too! That’s when I read Diane’s post on 21daysugardetox about valentines options. There was a photo of the infamous heart bacons! And I knew that was what I must do. I had an idea about bell pepper egg hearts, and knew I had a breakfast!


This is a fairly easy breakfast to make, and with my tutorial, it should be a breeze!

1 pack of bacon
1. Cut the package in half in order to easily cut all pieces the same length.
2. Take 2 bacon slice halves and arrange them on the tray like so:
3. Take on top edge and fold it over:
4. Repeat on the other side!
And there we have 1 beautiful bacon heart. Repeat this on the rest of the bacon! Bake for about 20 minutes (check it so get them more chewy or more crispy) and remove from oven.



I baked some on the bottom rack which resulted in more crispy bacon. my boyfriend loves that so it’s a good thing to me! I prefer the top rack more chewy bacon, myself.


Red Bell Pepper
As many eggs as required (2 slices of bell pepper per egg!)
coconut oil for frying
1. Slice bell pepper to 1cm thick pieces.
2. Grease a frying pan with coconut oil and lay the peppers in to form heart shapes.
3. Crack the eggs in the centre of the bell peppers after they have been frying for about 1 minute.
4. Let them cook until semi set, and flip. This is sort of hard but not too bad! I didn’t crack any yolks at all in the process.
5. Let them continue to cook for 30s – 1 minute.
6. Trim the edges of any extra egg and eat it yourself! This will make them look more like hearts and also let you snack while cooking! Serve!

I had 2 eggs, multiple bacon hearts, and a nice glass of kombucha. Excellent VDAY breakfast if I do say so myself. Very nourishing after a hard workout!

I’ll be back to update on my first week of the 21DSD tomorrow! Today is day 6 and all is well so far :)



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