sauerkraut it up with breakfast


Okay, so at this point I think we all know we should be eating probiotics. It just makes sense, am i right? Who wouldn’t want good bacteria in their guts, fighting a battle against evil?! Personally, I do. The thing is…not all probiotics taste that yummy. Kombucha is great, but expensive if you don’t brew your own. And I KNOW my boyfriend would not approve of some witches cauldron brewing weird live bacteria on our already over crowded counter tops.

Luckily, there are other options. Sauerkraut is one of them! on the unlucky side…it may not taste that amazing. I found a way to enjoy it though. hear me? Not just stand it but enjoy it, quite a bit! I mixed it up with cave ketchup I made, and dipped my sausage and eggs right in there. Delicious! Continue reading


Happy New Year Everyone!

Hellloooo! *echoes*

Is there anybody [out] there? Just nod if you can hear me…

Just kidding, enough of my pink floyd reference. I’ve been MIA for a little while though! The holidays will easily do that to you. It’s been hard to just keep afloat between Christmas, new years, parties, and working every day in between. Not to mention I also run an online shop on the side. A lot on my plate much?

Needless to say, I am soooooooo happy to get back to reality now. Oh you have no idea. Getting back into a regular routine has been my wish for about the past week. Having a day off work where I just clean, workout, cook good food, and relax is my fantasy. Maybe even sneak a blog entry in there! Not sure if I will even get that today, but next week, oh yes <3


Anyways, I decided I will post my new years ‘resolutions’ here, just to keep a record so I can reflect back on them throughout the year. They aren’t too crazy so hopefully I will be able to follow though :)

1. Gain flexibility by stretching daily! I will find some way to measure this so I can track my progress.

2. Try to buy in bulk more to save money and use my NEEEWWWW FREEZER!!!

3. Make it out of the beginner modules on EPLIFEFIT and start making some strength gains. [I will form more concrete goals in the strength department when I start doing those exercises and have a better idea of what is reasonable]

4. Finish watching the final lord of the rings movie and go see the hobbit while it’s still in theatres! hehe. I am a new mega fan of LOTR.

5. Eat good food, enjoy a good life, take time for myself and my darling boyfriend. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with him, which I don’t get to do very often. 4 years strong! Let’s keep going :)

Those are my resolutions. They are do-able! This is just what I want for myself. Obviously some are a bit more serious than others. Heh. What can I say, I’m obsessed with LOTR right now. I never watched them when they first came out, how crazy am i? They are RIGHT up my alley. I want to live in the shire, damnit! :(

Also in case you were wondering…yes, this is my xmas gift from my parents!


:D mini deep freeze. The perfect gift <3 I can’t wait to make soups and stews etc, and freeze them for when needed. Thanks a billion goes to my parents!


Okay that enough disjointed posting for me, it’s obviously been a while, I think my fingers are a bit rusty. Happy new years one and all! It feels great to be back to reality.