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Coconut Orange Honey Nut Cookies


I’m writing this to you at 6 am, as I drink coffee and get ready to go to work on christmas eve. I’m going in extra early so I can have as much time with my family afterwards as possible. I’m so thankful that a kind co-worker of mine offered to pick me up on the way to work, so I could get a bit more sleep.


It’s going to be a long and hectic day, but I really wanted to share this recipe around Christmas. Today is my last chance! I had a terrible time sleeping last night (NO IDEA WHY…SERIOUSLY) so I figure there’s no point trying to get an extra couple of minutes now that I am up a bit early. Continue reading


1 Month!

Wow. It’s been one whole month since I made the decision to eat paleo! I can’t believe it! It’s been 1 great month. I started this blog, found a community, I’ve been working out with, and I’ve eaten a lot of really great food.

I am so grateful that I have come to this style of eating and now know what to do to feed myself in the most healthful way for me. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I am making a lot of progress. There have been many ‘perfect paleo’ days in the past month, and I am proud of that.

I’ve been keeping a food journal in a day planner and it helps a lot! i can calculate a day up if I am worried I am not getting enough food, too much, or anything really. I can also write my feelings around certain foods I chose to, or not to, eat. I would recommend this to anyone starting out! I don’t count calories, and I’ve only added up about 1 day online so far. It’s more about just being accountable to yourself, so you can see the progress you make!

Anyways enough about that, I thought I would just share some photos of delicious food I’ve been eating since November 20!


My first paleo breakfast. eggs, bacon, coconut milk berry smoothie.

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Gluten Free Dark Espresso Chocolate Brownies


So first of all, these brownies are NOT paleo! I made them for my best friend who is not paleo but is gluten free (and a vegetarian…sigh. So close…). I won’t lie; I also ate one…or two. They are REALLY good! REALLY!!!027-001

The consistency is perfect and the taste is divine. The original recipe called for a dark chocolate bar, and I accidently picked up an ESPRESSO bar. I used green & black’s organic brand. The result was amazing. Chocolate brownie infused with espresso flavour. Yes! Continue reading

Gluten Free Beef Stew


First of all, if you love stew, you will adore this one. Just gonna put it out there. You might even want to skip to the recipe RIGHT NOW!

Second of all, if you don’t think potatoes are paleo, I don’t blame you. Just swap ‘em with sweet potatoes or maybe some parsnips and still make this, because its great! Continue reading