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sauerkraut it up with breakfast


Okay, so at this point I think we all know we should be eating probiotics. It just makes sense, am i right? Who wouldn’t want good bacteria in their guts, fighting a battle against evil?! Personally, I do. The thing is…not all probiotics taste that yummy. Kombucha is great, but expensive if you don’t brew your own. And I KNOW my boyfriend would not approve of some witches cauldron brewing weird live bacteria on our already over crowded counter tops.

Luckily, there are other options. Sauerkraut is one of them! on the unlucky side…it may not taste that amazing. I found a way to enjoy it though. hear me? Not just stand it but enjoy it, quite a bit! I mixed it up with cave ketchup I made, and dipped my sausage and eggs right in there. Delicious! Continue reading


Average Eggless Breakfast–Sausage and Summer Vegetables


A lot of people out there have issues with eggs. I love them personally, but I know I don’t want to eat them EVERY SINGLE DAY, just to be safe. If I developed an allergy to them I just might keel over and die right there. Not kidding. So I do try to eat non eggy breakfasts, but sometimes it is hard! The easiest route to go is just vegetables and meat. I’m telling you, it’s simple and delicious too! Continue reading

Paleo Garlic Paprika Chicken Thighs

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Craving something crispy, juicy, delicious and EASY? Look no further my friends. The answer is right here…inside of a chicken thigh!

Okay maybe that was a bit dramatic, but one of my favourite go-to meals now is chicken thighs with the skin still on. I love getting that skin all spicy and crispy…mmmm SO good! I want some right now. They are pretty cheap, good for you, and so juicy and tasty. I’ve always been a dark meat, the-juicier-the-better kind of gal.

Best part is it takes literally two minutes to throw this all together. I love paleo because it has taught me that cooking doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated, or time consuming. And in the end you get delicious nutritious food. And if you cook on tin foil or parchment paper, clean up isn’t too bad either! Not to mention that you will have way more energy eating this way and be able to find time to do those darn dishes! I truly believe it is a win-win-win! Continue reading

No poo Experiments


(my hair after not being washed for 4 days)

Hello lovelies! Guess what! I’m here to talk about something other than food today! Hehe. I’m guessing you all have heard of this phenomena before…the no poo movement.

No poo, simply put, means not shampooing your hair. This really appeals to me because I have multiple in sensitivity issues and am allergic to most soaps and detergents. SLS gives me hives…etc. So I’ve always been kind of light on the washing of my hair. Before stopping the shampoo, I would wash one day and then just leave my hair the next. The problem was, I found washing my hair left it really dried out. And then I would want to condition. And then my conditioner would start clogging up my sinuses as I was rubbing it in. i wanted this cycle of allergic reaction to stop! Continue reading

Taco salad Dressing Paleo Lunch Series

I think my love for taco – esque foods has been shown already on this blog, but just in case, I am back with another recipe! And this one is too easy for words. I was making my lunch the other day, and I realised I had a taco salad, but no dressing. I had to act quick because I bus to work, and missing that bus would have been no good!


Start off with some taco seasoning. I’m willing to bet if you have a well stocked spice collection, you will have everything on hand to throw this together. It’s great to have on hand when you are craving those taco flavours! Mix that with a bit of tomato and coconut milk, and you have yourself a delicious dressing. Continue reading