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CGEP cooks through her books #1 – Chicken Bone Broth

I have an abundance of recipes to cook thanks to this little stack of books:


So I decided to do a series where I cook through all of these cookbooks, before I buy more. So I can save money and eat good food. Julia & Julia style. I call it:  CGEP cooks through her books.

(I’m CGEP –  Canada Girl Eats Paleo, get it?)

So stay tuned for many more installations of this! Continue reading


Weekend Breakfast Treat: Sweet Eggs with Sausage and Blueberries


This is a super delicious, easy, and enjoyable breakfast for those days when you want to treat yourself, and not with something of the croissant variety.

Not for everyday eating, but a little bit of butter and honey never killed anyone. I don’t think so at least!


The star of the show is this jar of heaven. Honey, Salted Butter, and cinnamon. This is a ‘raw’ honey and it is local to me so I feel it is a good option. This is a little snippet taken from their website,

“What makes Heavenly Honey different from bulk honey available at the supermarket? It is all natural, uncontaminated by imported honey and is not heated excessively during extraction. This preserves the natural flavours and nutritional benefits of the honey. This preserves the natural flavours and nutritional benefits of the honey. These unique characteristics of so called “raw” honey contribute immensely when it is used to sweeten a fresh cup of tea!” Continue reading

Paleo Lunch Series

One of the most important parts of me staying on track with my paleo decision is to pack my lunches for work every. single. day. My work has very limited paleo options. In fact, if you add in the terrors of vegetable oils, I’d say they have 0 options.

I work in a hospital, on the weekend, so it makes things tough. They have a coffee shop, which is entirely sugary lattes and crazy cakes to me. We also have a cafeteria. Before switching to paleo I would often buy a chicken salad sandwich and maybe some onion rings, deep fried. I know. My old staple was a chicken burger. Sometimes I did egg salad too. I LOVED making salads at the salad bar, but unfortunately on the weekend the ingredients are no where near fresh, and its repulsive. The lettuce has gone see through before you make it to the table to eat. Seriously nasty. And the only ‘protein’ option in sight is kidney beans. So yeah. My go to snack was a greek yogurt that was priced to be double it’s true worth. I can pick up a banana or an apple sometimes, and the convenience store sells nuts, so I’m okay for a snack if I’m absolutely stuck at least.

So obviously bringing my own lunch is pretty much my only option. I used to find this really hard to do though. So I thought I would start sharing the lunch ideas I come up with to help others out there who are in this same pinch!

Oh, also? I work 12 – 8, so I often pack breakfast AND lunch!! Fun, right?

Let’s start out with one of my first breakfasts, a compilation of leftovers:


This was easy, and delicious. If you can’t tell, that’s half of the quiche I posted about yesterday. We also have 1 leftover no additive sausage (find them at farmboy! Ingredients are pork, salt, and spices :) ) and some leftover sweet potato fries. That leaves us with one filling and tasty breakfast that was easy to toss together!

I probably ate that as ‘brunch’, which I sometimes do when I’m working. I’ll eat a huge meal for breakfast and another big meal for dinner, and that’s it for the day. The weird work hours facilitate this option mostly.


This is another leftover magic lunch I packed. I had some of sarah fragoso’s best ever chicken wings and riced cauliflower. I packed some lettuce leaves, and when lunch time came I shredded the chicken, mixed the cauliflower with it, and packed it into the lettuce leaves as a yummy wrap! It was really tasty, promise :)

So there you go…some ideas on how to combine leftovers and fresh items for a delicious and healthy meal at work!  I will be posting a lot more of these, so stay tuned!

Zucchini and Carrot Swirl Quiche

This is a recipe I found in one of my favourite books, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. BUY HER BOOK! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! :) It’s very very simple and I cut it down to a 2 person serving instead, so I sure hope Diane doesn’t mind me sharing!

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Like I said before, the recipe could not be more simple! All you need is coconut oil, 5 eggs, 1 small zucchini, and 1 carrot or a few baby carrots chopped up if you are me. I used a Hawaiian sea salt blend for seasoning. Continue reading


This is my place to post my attempts at eating paleo and cooking paleo. I’m a female in her early 20’s who lives with the most unpaleo man alive. He supports me and will eat my yummy paleo recipes though!I’ve come to paleo not to lose weight, but to improve health and vitality. So far, it’s working.

I’m not certified in anything, in anyway. I just want to share my journey to help those who are in the same boat as me. So enjoy please!