Last Minute Valentines Day Snack!


paleo valentine snack1

Need something fun for the kids or playful company at the last minute that’s both healthy and yummy?

Cut up some red bell pepper hearts and cucumber x’s and o’s! This is easily done in a few minutes and it’s a cute little snack, maybe for a kids lunch! I don’t have any kids, so I just ate it myself. Perhaps you could dip them…into some delicious paleo dips!

valentines day vegetable cutting

I usually just mash an avocado and use that as an all purpose dip, but you could also try:

Livin Paleo’s Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Dip

Half Indian Cook’s Spicy Spinach Dip

Sweet Freedom’s Zucchini Hummus

paleo valentine snack

You could of course have the usual carrot sticks and any other vegetable you like along with these two cute varieties! I’ll probably be making all sots of heart shaped vegetables for myself tomorrow! Because I think that it’s fun.


Paleo Valentines Breakfast take 2! “I Heart ME Omelette”

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Wow, have I EVER stressed myself out today! I won’t go into details but I’ve been trying to do some stuff with wordpress and a host to get some better features on my blog. It has been the BIGGEST headache! Highlight was causing my main web address to direct to a BLANK wordpress site. Ugghghh. So much time wasted and I’m back at my .wordpress address right now. I know I will get it eventually, but SERIOUSLY?!

Luckily I have something very fun and cheery to talk about right now which will lift my spirits! It’s a second cute paleo valentine’s day breakfast! See my first option here. Both are suitable to the 21 day sugar detox, although if you are not an athlete, skip the sweet potato! This one features red bell pepper hearts fried in duck fat, so stay tuned.

Paleo Valentines Day Breakfast! #21DSD approved


Happy [early] valentines day to all of you lovely people out there! yes, EVEN you 21 day sugar detoxers! I’m posting this pre-vday so if you want to make this for your hunny or yourself when the big day comes, you shall be prepared!

When I first realised I was kicking sugar to the curb the month of valentines day, I blanched. No chocolate?!!?! for vday?! noooooooo! My boyfriend and I never do much for valentines day, but still. The idea that it wasn’t an option scared me. But I’ve already resisted plenty of lindt the past 6 days, so I know I don’t want to give in on the 14th.

That being said, I also wanted to do something fun for it, too! That’s when I read Diane’s post on 21daysugardetox about valentines options. There was a photo of the infamous heart bacons! And I knew that was what I must do. I had an idea about bell pepper egg hearts, and knew I had a breakfast!

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