sauerkraut it up with breakfast


Okay, so at this point I think we all know we should be eating probiotics. It just makes sense, am i right? Who wouldn’t want good bacteria in their guts, fighting a battle against evil?! Personally, I do. The thing is…not all probiotics taste that yummy. Kombucha is great, but expensive if you don’t brew your own. And I KNOW my boyfriend would not approve of some witches cauldron brewing weird live bacteria on our already over crowded counter tops.

Luckily, there are other options. Sauerkraut is one of them! on the unlucky side…it may not taste that amazing. I found a way to enjoy it though. hear me? Not just stand it but enjoy it, quite a bit! I mixed it up with cave ketchup I made, and dipped my sausage and eggs right in there. Delicious!

Do remember to start slowly with these ‘live’ foods though! I ate about double what is pictured in this plate and my tummy REALLY hurt afterwards. Just not used to it in my stomach! I only eat these foods about once every couple of weeks. I’m trying to eat them more often but I am still just not feeling it!


Hopefully i will find some other ways to enjoy it but if not, at least i know it tastes great with sausages! I’m making a promise to myself that every time i eat sausage I will eat it with sauerkraut. It’s a start, right?



2 thoughts on “sauerkraut it up with breakfast

  1. I’ve found sauerkraut tastes pretty good mixed with with stir-fried veggies (blends well since it is all veggies :) ). I also think it tastes pretty good on top of burgers (adds that saltiness).

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