No poo Experiments


(my hair after not being washed for 4 days)

Hello lovelies! Guess what! I’m here to talk about something other than food today! Hehe. I’m guessing you all have heard of this phenomena before…the no poo movement.

No poo, simply put, means not shampooing your hair. This really appeals to me because I have multiple in sensitivity issues and am allergic to most soaps and detergents. SLS gives me hives…etc. So I’ve always been kind of light on the washing of my hair. Before stopping the shampoo, I would wash one day and then just leave my hair the next. The problem was, I found washing my hair left it really dried out. And then I would want to condition. And then my conditioner would start clogging up my sinuses as I was rubbing it in. i wanted this cycle of allergic reaction to stop!

I heard about no poo a LONG time ago. Like, many years ago. But back then I was stuck in a cycle of constantly dying my hair, and I felt like i needed my shampoo. The are a LOT of brands out there that are more natural and do not contain SLS so I never had  a shortage of shampoo. I did however, always have extremely brittle and vulnerable hair. Which is not good If you want to grow it out! And guess what, i do.

What really made me decide to do this though was the focus I have been putting on my skin lately. I have battled acne since I was 10 years old. I HATE IT! Admittedly it has improved with my lifestyle changes, but it is still there and I still hate it. I’ve switched to oil cleansing only now, and am seeing some good results. I figured if oil cleansing is working on my face, why not cut the other chemicals elsewhere. I also just don’t want harsh shampoos and conditioners that i am allergic to running down my face while I am rinsing ! That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.


Day 6…This morning!!

So I took the plunge. I just decided to stop washing my hair! six days ago at this point. I looked for information on exactly how to go about i and found a couple of websites, which I will  link at the end of this post. One mentioned first starting with the baking soda and ACV method, and then slowly adjusting to not shampooing at all. I liked that idea but decided I just wanted to jump straight off the deep end. Why make any extra steps. So…nothing but water has touched my hair in six days people!!!

The first four days were fine. Do you see the top picture? my hair looks freaking shiny!!! I love it. Yesterday day 5, i did notice it was getting quiiiite greasy, and I pulled it up for the day. NO big deal at all. There are many hairstyles you can try to mask the greasiness with, and I will post about those another time, promise!

This morning, I think it looks good again! SCORE! I’m obviously still experimenting but I just wanted to fill you guys in on what I was up to, and let you know I will be updating you on how this goes. I think we all inherently know that putting chemicals on our hair and faces is not what is natural. And isn’t this whole paleo/primal movement about getting back to nature? Don’t you think it will be nice to not have to keep your bathroom stocked with TONS of products? Not waste so much money all the time? I sure do. And I bet my boyfriend does too.


Here’s a hairstyle courtesy of my ‘yoga instructor’!! HA! I wish I had long hair like her :(

In case you  are wondering, here is my ‘protocol’:

Rinse hair with warm water, and massage the scalp. Get out of shower and naturally dry hair with towel.

Yeah…that’s it. If I feel like I really need a grease cutter I will do the baking soda /acv mixture…but so far so good!

anyone else not use shampoo on their hair? Anyone?

Here are some resources I used when researching this for myself: one two


This is a before picture, for reference. You can see my hair was a lot more dry, if nothing else! I always have split ends, so this extra moisture is doing wonders for me :)


4 thoughts on “No poo Experiments

  1. Looks great, I’ve done it for a while but I struggle with the bangs looking greasy. What is your ratio for water to soda and water to lemon juice/vinegar? I had trouble finding the right ratio and your hair looks about the same length and texture as mine.

    • I feel ya. I hadn’t actually used ACV or BS in the photos above, but I did try it out this weekend so i could get back to you. I used enough baking soda just to spread around most of my roots…maybe 1 tsp? Something else I’ve found really helps is using a boar bristle brush, it helps to spread the natural oils more easily through your hair. I really like the result it’s giving me. I bought a mini one for about 10 dollars from sephora? It works well!

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