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Lemon Blueberry Popsicles


Popsicles are the PERFECT summer treat for me. I personally am not a huge baker, as you may have noticed from the distinct lack of baking recipes on my blog. I love treats, don’t get me wrong, but I just find everything so expensive here in Canada and I would much rather just mix a dab of honey with almond butter and cocoa powder and eat that with a spoon than actually put in the effort to turn on an oven. Especially on a hot summer day!

These popsicles came to me because a flavor I am constantly craving is lemon blueberry loaf. I don’t know why…but it has left an imprint on me! I think I had it once, and the thought of it has never left me. I should probably at least attempt muffins sometime soon. Fat Burning Chef has a lemon loaf I could add blueberries to as well, hmmm.

Back to popsicles though.

They’re greeeaaaat!

Easy to make, pretty healthy as far as treats go, and homemade popsicles are pretty much always better than store bought anyways. It’s basically a home run.

In case you want to know where I got my molds…I don’t know. I can’t remember!!! I went looking in a bunch of local shops recently and I couldn’t find any there, either. I found a few cool ones on amazon though! So check that out if you are in need.


Lemon Blueberry Popsicles

Makes 4
1 cup frozen blueberries
4 ice cubes
4 tbsp. coconut milk
3 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tbsp. honey


1. Blend all ingredients together in a blender. If it is too thick to blend or there is not enough to fill the cups completely, you can use a bit of cold water to level it out.

2. Pour or scoop blended mixture into popsicles and freeze until fully frozen, minimum 2 hours.

3. To remove from popsicle molds, run under hot water until they loosen up.


There you have it! It’s easy and they are really delicious. Sweet and tart and cooling on a hot day. Don’t be fooled though…they are really good on a cold day, too!

PS. In case you missed it, the Fat Burning Chef e-cookbook is on sale for this week ONLY! You’ll have a chance to win an ipad and a 100 dollar gift card to amazon as well so go check it out!!

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Coffee Shop Style Iced Tea


One of the things about eating paleo-style is that we don’t have a lot of options for treating ourselves when we are out and about. I work weekends at a hospital and I often used to treat myself to vanilla lattes at the coffee shop there. Sadly (?) , when I decided to cut dairy out of my diet that habit came to a halt. I enjoy coconut milk in my coffee at home but I don’t keep any at work because I don’t drink much coffee, so I don’t see the need. However, sometimes you just want something nice for yourself. ENTER: Unsweetened iced teas! At second cup and starbucks, and likely many other places, they will steep tea for you on the spot and make you a refreshing iced tea, with nothing added.


So far at Second Cup I have tried wildberry and orange spice. They are delicious! 2 bucks, despite being much cheaper than a coffee, is still kind of expensive for an iced tea though if you ask me. So after watching their technique I decided I could definitely do this at home.


The trick is lots of ice and just making a small amount of really concentrated tea. When you pour the warm dark tea over the ice, some of it will melt, causing it to cool to a good temperature and become the perfect strength of tea! Since we add nothing else it is just too simple!


The refreshing glass shown in this post is Ginger Lemon Tea. This is an amazing selection for summer! It tasted really good cold. Brightly colored teas are fun too. The Mamma Mia tea from David’s Tea would be awesome for this, it tastes great and the hibiscus in it turns the liquid bright pink! There are so many options to keep yourself refreshed and feeling treated, without any guilt, and hardly any money either! enjoy.


1 Tea Bag, fruity flavours are great!
3/4 c hot water
Ice to fill a glass

1. Heat water and steep tea for about 5 minutes.
2. Fill glass with ice. Pour warm tea over ice.
3. Stir. Enjoy.

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Cocoa-nutty Banana Bites


Lately I’ve been feeling PRETTY uninspired when it comes to cooking. Moving has been such a task that my brain and body have just been fried. I’ve been living off of Chicken, Asparagus / Broccoli, and sweet potatoes; Eggs, bananas, and pineapple. Not a lot of variety or fanciness lately.


Luckily, we are now moved in completely! Internet was set up just on Saturday in fact! Now, suddenly the creative juices are flowing. This is one I came up with based on cravings, period. It’s a goodie! I don’t post many treats but this one must be shared. It’s really easy and really good! You can change up the textures of these bites by placing them in the freezer for 15 minutes, for a hardened shell and soft banana, or longer, say 8 hours while you are at work, for a solid delicious bite!


The funny thing about creativity is that once you get started it usually just flows. I’ve suddenly come up with multiple variations on this recipe and some other ideas, too! Thank goodness! So don’t fret, I’ll be back soon with more recipes to share :)

Cocoa-nutty Banana Bites

1 banana
2 tsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. cocoa powder
4 macadamia nuts, crushed

  1. Lay out parchment paper on a plate.
  2. Stir together the coconut oil and cocoa powder. If the coconut oil is too firm, heat it slightly on the stove top.
  3. Slice the banana. Spoon the chocolate concoction over the banana slices evenly. Sprinkle the macadamia nuts on top.
  4. Place in freezer and freeze for 15 minutes for mushy bananas with firm topping, or longer for a firmer banana. If too hard, let thaw.

Daaaaaaa-YUM these things are good! And way way way more healthy for you than any chocolate you buy at the store! No sugar added here folks, only god’s given banana sugar ;) So enjoy! And let me know if you do! I love hearing about people trying my recipes, it’s the best feeling when you enjoy the things I create.