Low Carb Conversations Episode 77: Featuring Laura Dolson And ME! Sam Gaucher.

Hey guys! Last week I got to participate in something that was SO awesome and a real treat for me. I got to be a guest on one of my favourite podcasts!!! So if you are curious what I look like and sound like, check out this podcast :) My identity is revealed!

This is the link to our episode, #77!

If you’ve never listened to Low Carb Conversations before let me tell you how it works. It’s one of Jimmy Moore’s 3 podcasts, and my personal favourite! Every week Dietitian Cassie and either Jimmy Moore or Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, his fill in host right now, have a couple of friend guests on and they discuss health articles in the news! It’s a great way to stay on top of all the articles in the news and it’s just really fun to listen to. And no, it’s not ALL about being low carb, either. Jimmy and Cassie are both very supportive of the paleo diet!

At the end of each episode the guests also share yummy low carb recipes. I shared my delicious Beef Skewer recipe. beef skewers you can cook indoors!

I hope you guys enjoy this, I was sooooo nervous because I don’t consider myself an ‘expert’ on ANYTHING yet, besides maybe knitting! I do a lot of reading and research and listening to podcasts and everything else, but still! Hopefully I didn’t come off TOO silly. Anyways, check it out! It’s a great show. I listened to it on my walk today and I don’t sound too bad, although i do say ’like’ way too much! Sorry about that. My nerves were getting to me!


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