What I ate and how I moved Wednesday!

Woot woot! We made it through another hump day! Thank goodness. I’m having an extra fun week this week, too! We got the apartment I have been completely longing for, and we are babysitting my favourite little puppy dog this week, too. So lots of happiness and cuddles all around!


Today I’m doing something a little different. A long, long time ago, I wrote a different food blog. At the time I was a confused 18 year old who just wanted to know what it took to be healthy. Unfortunately I never really figured it out, not while that blog was running at least. It’s under lock and key now so don’t even TRY to find it ;)

One thing I did while I was writing that blog though was participate in What I Ate Wednesdays. It’s a fun interactive thing where we all share what we ate throughout the day. It runs weekly but I don’t think I will participate every week because it can tend to get boring, and i fail at being diligent at taking photos. HOWEVER, I think it will be valuable to add some paleo eats to the list and also to show people that it really isn’t that complicated to eat this way, and give a little picture of exactly what I am up to!

Today was a really rushed day and hard too because we have hardly any food in the fridge right now! So it was a very improvised day. It’s our first day with the dog so I woke up at 6:20 to take her out to do her business. Came back inside and enjoyed some delicious coffee and cuddles while getting ready for work.


I went to pack my breakfast and found not a whole lot to eat. So I ended up eating this little trail mix pack I made for times of emergency. It has pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, raisins, 1 slice of dried pear and some enjoy life chocolate chips. Not exactly a healthy breakfast but it did tide me over until I could eat my real breakfast:DSC_0288

2 eggs sunny side up and a banana. I cook the eggs in duck fat every morning when I wake up and then bring them to work to eat later. Don’t worry, I keep a plate at work to heat them up on, not plastic!

After my breakfast I sipped a bit on some kombucha. Then at lunch time I went on a walk! I go on a lunch time walk every day now. I started working full time (temporarily) 1 month ago and I have not missed a single lunchtime walk. That includes the days we had 20 cms of snow falling within 8 hours. YEAH!

DSC_0289DSC_0290 (1)

Lunch time came around 2:30 pm and I had a delicious turkey soup that I just adore. Do you ever find that chicken in chicken soup gets all gritty and gross? Yeah, turkey doesn’t do that. Especially dark meat, my favourite! So this soup stays all juicy and delicious :)


The turkey chunks are hiding!

After I got home from work I did my EPlifefit.com workout and then a quick pilates abs workout on top of that! It probably equalled out to 35 – 45 minutes or so in total.

Dinner was…A FAIL!


Last night I thought I was thawing out ground beef but this morning I saw it was stewing beef. I attempted to make skewers out of it and yeah…they SUCKED! Use steak, people. These were soooo tough, BLEGH! I still ate it but i am sad that I wasted perfectly good meat on that. Broccoli with butter on the side!


Final eats of the evening was a mango. Had to finish the day off with something delicious!


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