grow your own green onions!

Happy St. Patty’s day, friends! I hope you have a good one. I went out with friends last night and am now nursing the ‘hangover’ (I’m not hungover….just hungry!!!) with some eggs and sweet potatoes, mmmm. Anyways! We are here for a different reason…


How many things can you learn from pinterest? A million? More? I don’t know, but it is insane all of the great ideas I get from that website (follow me). I’ve gotten many ideas for growing plants in an apartment but this one takes the cake. Incredibly easy, and it looks nice too!

Did you know you can re-grow green onions that you buy at the store? It’s incredibly simple and you will be left with a constant supply of green onions that takes basically zero effort to maintain. This is a very cost effective process! I used to buy green onions 1x a week…now I haven’t bought them again in a month! And they never go bad either, which is a plus!

All you need to do is save the white bottom part of the onion and put it in a jar with some water, in the sun. That is seriously it. They will grow and flourish and be delicious! I love green onions so I think this is AWESOME!!! In fact, I need to tell my mom about this now that I am thinking about it. She makes us taco dip when we go over (not paleo- delicious though!) with tons of green onion on top. This could be a money saver for her!


So that’s it, a quick tip for you. Go, do it now!

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