Fake It Till You Make It: Oven Beef Skewers


One thing I have always really enjoyed is ‘shish kebabs’. There is just something about meat on a stick, LOL! But really, they are great. Unfortunately though, I am an apartment dweller. I’m betting that a lot of my younger readers are as well! Apartment living seems to be very normal for us twenty something’s. Anyways, apartment dwelling = no barbeque in a lot of cases. It is a SHAME! I hate not having a BBQ, but what can you do?

Make kebabs in the oven, for one thing. Yes, it is possible! And yes, they will still taste delicious, promise J All you need is an oven with a broiler option, which I’m pretty sure every oven has! These are simple and delicious. And a great way to get those vegetables in, seeing as you need to eat them to get to the meat! They are very customisable as well, which I really like. My boyfriend doesn’t like zucchini so I just skipped it on his skewer. More for me, muahaha!


The other good thing is that on a baking sheet the meat juices sort of leak onto the vegetables and oh my god, they taste sooo good. Especially the cherry tomatoes! NOM! That’s all I have to say about that: NOM. I wish I could have another beef skewer right now! Serve these up with a Greek salad on the side for a real treat, or just eat them as they are! A kebab with steak and vegetables on it is a great mix of protein, fat, and carbs!



Bamboo Skewers soaked for 30 minutes in water to avoid burning

2 Steaks

1 bell pepper (I used yellow)

1 red onion

1 package cherry tomatoes

2 zucchinis

Paleo-friendly steak seasoning (gluten free, soy free, etc)


  1. Pre-soak the skewers in water to make sure they don’t light a fire in your oven! Preheat the oven to the broiler settings.
  2. Cut up the steak into 1 inch pieces and trim the fat off for more even chunks. Season with the seasoning of your choice.
  3. Cut all veggies into 1 inch pieces. Arrange the veggies and steak onto skewers alternating between vegetables and meat.
  4. place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper to avoid sticking. Cook in the oven for 8 minutes, and then flip and cook for another 7 – 8 mins. The steak will stay juicy but it will also get a nice browning from the broiler.

That’s it! These are so good. My boyfriend and I LOVED them! When they were cooking in the oven it smelt like I was making pizza! I think it’s because the tomatoes were cooking down in such a delicious fashion. I can’t wait to start making more things on skewers! It’s fun and convenient. I actually ate mine standing up by the oven about 5 minutes after finishing a brutal workout. Now that was satisfying! It’s also nice to pretend you have a barbeque, even if only for one day!


7 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It: Oven Beef Skewers

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