We have a winner!

Yay! The giveaway is over and it was a great success. 300 Entries on the dot. WOW! Thanks so much for participating everyone! You guys really want to clear up that skin of yours, huh? ME TOO! I hope this guide will really help our winner….

Steph Miles!!!

Congrats Steph, you have won! Liz Wolfe herself will be sending you a copy to the email you entered on Monday :)

Thanks to everyone for participating, I think it shows just how many of us want help with our skin issues. People may think that having a bit of acne is no big deal, but having poor quality skin can really be depressing. For a lot of my life I thought “I would be pretty…if only my skin didn’t look like this”. I never allowed myself to be happy with my appearance because every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was my acne. That is not a healthy way to be living mentally.

Hopefully, if you are dealing with something like that or even worse, this guide will help. Now when I look in the mirror I see my face, not my acne. And it’s not even all gone! I have hope now though. Hope is KEY! So I hope that you all have hope, knowing that this guide is out there. I also hope that this brings many smiles to miss Steph Miles :)



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