21DSD: What not to do (recap)

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Hey guys! So, my 21 day sugar detox is over, and I really wish I was here with some great news to tell you how it changed my life and I’m done with sugar forever now, but unfortunately that is not the case. This has nothing to do with the actual program, and in fact I’ve found it incredibly useful for showing me where my weaknesses lie. I don’t think I really grasped how much sugar controls me until I tried to do this. It is crazy, really crazy, how much I love chocolate and ice cream. I had no idea that it meant so much to me, and it was really really really hard to cut it all out. As I have posted, I had a couple of slip ups. I posted about 1, but not the more recent one. I had another couple of drinks, which was one of the things I found REALLY hard to restrict.

Overall I did pretty good, definitely not perfect though. This is my story of what you should not do. You should NOT do the 21dsd and then as soon as it’s over jump head first into a bucket of ice cream. Yep, that’s what I did. I just wanted it so badly, I felt so deprived! And afterwards, I felt so sick. This is the reason I am glad I did this:


After essentially cutting out most sugary foods for 3 weeks, I woke up the morning after my ‘binge’ with my mouth hurting. All of the sugar I had the night before had a serious effect on me! It’s as if the sugar actually burnt my mouth! There’s a sore in my mouth now that was definitely not there beforehand. My stomach hurt too, even until the next day! I was not expecting this! I thought that it would just taste really sweet and I wouldn’t want it anymore and that would be that. Well, let me tell you, that was NOT the case! It still tasted good. DAMNIT!

Those physical effects just really hammered home how important this really is.  Another thing I realised is that sugar has the opportunity to send me into a huge binge spiral. I ate a WHOLE container of coconut ice cream, which is supposed to be like 3 – 4 servings? Then an hour or two later I also had 2 bowls of ROLO ice cream. SERIOUSLY. How did I even fit all of that inside of myself? I don’t know, I just could not stop. I logically said to myself that I didn’t want it, I would feel sick, etc but it did not stop me.

This is something I need to continue to work on.

I’m giving myself some ‘life rules’ in relation to sugar:

1. I’m NOT going to limit fruit intake right now, but I will aim for max 2 servings per day.

2. I will stick to 1 c kombucha per day.

3. I will not limit my alcohol consumption, but I will try to drink less and not consume alcohol with extra sugar, IE. no more rum and cokes!

4. I will not be baking large batches of anything. I will not bring tubs of ice cream into my house. I will not be buying chocolate bars with 4 servings in them. Basically, I want to eliminate the temptations so I don’t even need to USE my self control in the moment.

5. I will set small attainable goals for myself each week and try to make slow and consistent changes in my life! Stay tuned for those.

Hopefully these few guidelines will help me to be better at this.


I think this is a good program, and if you have a lot of willpower or aren’t as addicted to sugar as I am I think you could be quite successful. When I WAS off of the sugar, I felt GREAT! And honestly, if you are as addicted to sugar as I am, it probably means you should do this even more! Even if you ‘fail’ or go right back to your old habits, I do believe it will be an eye opener, as it was for me. I probably will revisit this sometime in the future, but I want to be more consistently on the right track before doing any more ‘challenges’. I still need to work on getting the basics down pat. I definitely will say this: I am still addicted (or at the very least attached) to sugar.

With the ice cream…I felt like a drug addict. I needed it SO bad, and I didn’t care that it was bad for me. I could not say no. I felt powerless in those moments. Even when I had already gone overboard, I went OVER overboard. I’m going to be taking these tempting items out of my life for good! I will not be bringing them into my house. The plan is to use the strategies I learnt from the detox to improve myself in the future. That’s all I can do at this point. So, overall, I would still recommend the 21DSD even though I was not completely successful. For me, I just have a big piece of work still ahead of me. Don’t worry; I will keep you updated on my progress on this one. I think I might need to start a count down…

It’s been 4 days since the last ice cream incident.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

What now?

Well, as I mentioned earlier I will be trying to follow a few guidelines to keep the sugar under control in my day to day life. I’m also happy to report that I’ve been back on the clean eating wagon since this bingeing and feeling like crap episode. I’m feeling better being back to basics and eating quality foods. FEWF!

Here are some GOOD things I’ve been eating since I went crazy:


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3 thoughts on “21DSD: What not to do (recap)

  1. This was my problem when I did the 21DSD. I never finished even though I tried 3 separate times because I felt this NEEEEEED for sugar that was uncontrollable. It really controls my life but I’ve found that having a little bit of chocolate or something sweet each day helps keep the sugar binge at bay (still have that every so often too, so don’t worry you are not alone!). Way to really analyze the whole situation and make a life game plan from your experience!

  2. Oh, you did wonderfully! Congrats! And I’m the biggest fan of clean eating. I feel the best when eating like that, though I do a bite of something gluten free cookie here and there and I can’t possibly survive without my 70-99% chocolate. Just some small indulgences to make life easier ;)

    • w thanks, you are always so sweet greta! <3s to you! I definitely feel best eating clean, but i also find it SO hard to stick to it. I've only been at this for 4 or 5 months though, I have a lifetime to perfect it!

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