Meal Plan For Our Busy Lives

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to work full time for 2 months instead of working evenings and weekends, part time. I’m really excited and so far it is going well, but this means I need to put a bit more thought into what my boyfriend and I will be eating on a daily basis now. When I worked part time I often would cook food for myself in the mornings before work or on the random days during the week that I had off. Now, that is no longer a possibility, so I decided to start meal planning for us. 015-001

I figured that my meal plan could be inspiring for you guys so I thought I would post it! Here you go :) Expect recipes for some of this stuff soon as well! This is the meal plan for dinners only. Lunches for the BF are always sandwiches. Lunches for me will be leftovers, salads, congee (I’m reading Perfect Health Diet and experimenting with white rice), and maybe some scotch balls. Breakfast is always veggies, with eggs or other protein.

The plan

Sunday – Homemade Pho soup (recipe in the works!)
Monday – Taco salad, with beef I have pre cooked and this dressing.
Tuesday – Leftovers of the Pho or Salad
Wednesday – Whole roasted chicken with frozen vegetables in Crock Pot
Thursday – Roasted Vegetable and Chicken soup made from leftovers (recipe coming as well)
Friday – Pork Loin Roast, still not sure which recipe I will use so far.
Saturday – Breakfast for dinner! Most likely Eggs and Bacon

Sunday and Monday’s Meals

As you can see, not everything is set in stone, but the main ideas are there. This helped build our shopping list and now we will also know which cuts of meat to take out of the freezer, and what day we need to do that.

I write our menu for the week on a dry erase board I keep on the fridge. This way, my boyfriend and I both know what I have planned, and it makes it much easier to stick to. The other thing is, I’ve strategically chosen these meals based on my workout schedule. I know this week I will be working out after work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. SO, I scheduled in easy meals, leftovers, or crock pot meals on those days! This way, when I need to cook, I will have more time for it.

Hopefully this meal plan will keep us on track even in our busy lives. I will let you know how it goes!

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6 thoughts on “Meal Plan For Our Busy Lives

  1. I should to this too! However I usually come up with dinners while eating lunch and then I usually have to go to buy something in addition to our weekly groceries. This truly sucks!

    • oh my gosh, i am the WORST for that! I’ve been to the grocery store 4 days in a row. Today i bought avocados, bananas, organic chicken hearts (!!!), and spinach. Weirdest assortment ever!

  2. Hi, you are Vietnamese? Love the pho soup in your plan – Reminds me of my mom because she cooks it very well :) Anyway, inspiring post, as I’m just about to finish the Paleo meal plan from Tim…7 weeks done with some major changes on some weak spots of my body..but now planning to move on to a more spontaneous plan because we (me and my husband) internalized all the paleo basics by now.
    Thank you,
    Thao (Eloise)

    • Hi There :) no, I am not Vietnamese but I am in love with Vietnamese and other Asian cultures and food!! I feel like i have no culture being a random mish mash of Europeans and I am very jealous of people with cultures with long histories of tradition. I bet your mom can make pho a billion times better than me! Good luck on your journey, it sounds like you are doing great!

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