I get knocked down, but I get up again!

So I fell off the wagon of the 21DSD, and hard, my friends! Friday night, after everything that has happened in the past month, my boyfriend and I decided we NEEDED a night out with friends. This ended up with me drinking wine, tequila, and eating a giant poutine. It also ended up with me having a fun night, relieving some stress, dancing around with friends, and bonding with my boyfriend. I don’t regret what I did. It was only 1 night, I’m back on the wagon! Since then i haven’t caved again.

This does not mean the 21DSD is over for me! It is still day 14 right now. I’m back to healthy eating, and I will not be drinking for the rest of the detox. There is an image that the 21dsd facebook page always posts near the beginning of the 21 days. Here it is:


I had a setback but not a failure. I’m not letting it stop me! And I am making better choices today. I’m choosing not to go out tonight. I’ll be staying in, possibly knitting, drinking tea, and watching grey’s anatomy while my boyfriend goes out! The point of the 21DSD is to form good habits that will stick after the 21 days are over. I think that it is working! I still did make better choices than I would have in the past. I COULD have had rum and coke instead of tequila and a lime wedge. I could have had a whisky sour filled with sugar, too. But I didn’t. And at least my poutine was made from hand cut potatoes instead of a fry with 20 ingredients in it. It’s definitely not ideal, but life happens.

I also drank less than I usually would, and I want to keep up with drinking less often after the 21DSD is over. I’m not against an occasional drink, even if it’s not ‘good’ for you, Robb Wolf himself loves the tequila! And I do too.

Did I mention that like 2 days before my ‘binge’ those pesky cravings finally disappeared. I find it funny that I gave in when I WASN’T having craving. Weird. I’m glad to report that in spite of my indulgence, the cravings have not returned. SCORE!


Anywho, all of this to say, I am human. I messed up. I will forge on. And I can do this! If you are struggling or gave in, you are not alone. Let’s keep going, only 1 week left!

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4 thoughts on “I get knocked down, but I get up again!

  1. So I thought about doing the sugar detox. Infact on Friday I bought the ebooks and stuff and have already read them. I can totally do it… but I’m worried about the fruit. I like my banana once in awhile. How did you do with it besides the setback? I just hate to set myself up for failure.

    • Hey! I totally understand, i did that too. I bought the book and then later on decided to do it. The fruit part is hard…BUT, they do allow 1 green tipped banana or 1 green apple a day, so if you are really craving it you can have it! I miss fruit but I had a banana with some almonds last night and it was quite delicious :) It’s definitely hard! I think I set myself up for failure last time for sure, just wasn’t ready. So If you don’t feel ready yet maybe hold off for now? The ebook isn’t going anywhere! right? It’s a challenge but it is possible!

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