Terrible Day? Write a Gratitude List.

Do you ever have one of those days where it feels like NOTHING is going right? I’m having one of those weeks right now. If not one of those MONTHS right now. Everything just keeps going wrong! It is sooo frustrating! I really need to catch a break. Sooner rather than later please, universe.

It would take me 3 hours to go into everything bad that has happened but I will say the latest one was spilling hot fresh coffee alllll over myself. Yeah. & by the way that’s definitely the best one of the bunch. Car accidents and death in the family, anyone?

So…I’m in one of those ‘moods’ right now. One of those “woe is me”, “why world why”, “oh just end it all” kind of moods. Maybe not that bad, but I’m definitely feeling down. I need a cookie! Too bad I’m on the 21DSD. hah. Okay so maybe I don’t need a cookie, maybe I need…

A Gratitude List

A gratitude list is simply writing things down that you are grateful for. Try to write at least 5! More if you are really feeling optimistic. Remembering the good things in life should take away some of the negative thoughts floating around in our pretty little heads.

eckhart tolle

My Gratitude List

I’m thankful…

1. That no one got hurt in the car accident, as horrible on the wallet as it may be.

2. To be starting temporary full time work in less than a week.

3. To have support on my blog and facebook and twitter pages. It is muchos appreciated.

4. For all the good food I crank out of my kitchen.

5. For all of the new podcasts that are inspiring me in different ways, especially Dude, where’s my health?

6. To have a boyfriend who still loves me even though I am a work in progress…and may be for the rest of my life!

7. To have family who will always have my back.

8. That bacon exists, and if I want it I can go buy some!

9. That winter is coming to an end in a month or two, I can hardly wait for that one!

10. That the walking dead is back on TV!

11. That I have a strong and capable body.

Ahh. I feel better already. Not perfect, but better. Why don’t you try to write one or two of these and post them in the comments below!


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