21DSD Day 8: “Hey, Cravings! Leave this kid alone.”

Hello! Today is day 8 of the 21 day sugar detox! It’s still going well. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is manageable. I’m still getting tons of random cravings, to the tune of: Tim Horton’s coffee with cream and sugar, toast with butter (WTF?!), cavegirlcuisine’s strawberry meringues (I can’t get these out of my head!), ETC!


Other than that, I am good! I am starting to wonder if these cravings will ever go away, though. I’ve noticed I get a lot more cravings at work, because I’m bored I think. I’m hoping that if I keep resisting them, they will eventually leave me alone! Today when the cravings hit, I first staved them off with a big cup of organic ginger tea.

When I felt a true hunger, I snacked on my green apple of the day! I had this little combo as a DELICIOUS snack:

Cinnamon Apple Snack



1 Green Apple, sliced
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Squeeze of lemon


Mix the lemon, cinnamon and apple slices in a bowl! Eat with almonds or other nuts!

I use a type of cinnamon called “real” cinnamon. I don’t know what it is, but it tastes way different than normal cinnamon!

Now for a bit of REAL TALK:

I’m a bit worried about tomorrow. My friend is coming over for our ritual of playing Mario on the wii, and usually we also drink while playing. Not a lot, but a hard cider or two. I’m worried about saying ‘no’ tomorrow. My friend is fairly health conscious so I think I might just tell her the truth. Is there any harm in saying “I’m detoxing from sugar. I will have a drink with you in 12 days.”? I don’t really think there is, but at the same time, I worry about being judged. If I’m being honest right now, which I am, I actually haven’t told 1 single person that I am doing this so far. That’s right, NOT EVEN MY BOYFRIEND! Sure, I told my parents and my boyfriend vaguely that I was going to cut back on sugar in February, but I didn’t go into ANY details and I have not mentioned it. I think having more confidence in decisions I make for my own health is something I majorly need to work on.

I know I’m doing something RIGHT by myself, and there should be ZERO shame in that!

ps. I just made a facebook page so you guys can follow me on there! I’m going to be posting more of the in’s and out’s of my day :) Do me a favour and like me! I’ll like ya back!


6 thoughts on “21DSD Day 8: “Hey, Cravings! Leave this kid alone.”

  1. i would tell your friend that you have a headache and had to take Medicine for it – and you don’t want to drink because it may interfere with the meds!

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