A day in the life–21Day Sugar Detox: day 3

I decided to do something sort of fun for day 3 and take you through my entire day. What i did, what I ate, how I felt, what I craved etc! I took pictures on my ipod for you as well :) Overall it was  good day. I ate no fruit whatsoever! I had a lot of temptations but I made it through, and I am oh so happy I did!

6:45 am: wake up dreaming of ice cream! No joke.
7:00 am: ½ c coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon, FCLO BO blend
7:50 am: start work!
9 am : can’t wait for my 10:15 am breakfast break, ate a pepperoni stick to stave off hunger
9:42 am: smelling my coworkers blueberry buckwheat pancakes…OMG they smell so good L mouth is watering!
10:15 am: breakfast! 3 Hardboiled eggs with mustard, 4 carrots and 2 mini cucumbers dipped in an avocado mushed up.

ipod 1365
11:41 am: low energy. I’ve been sitting for about 4 hours so that could be why.
12:40 pm: fatigue is resolved :)
1 pm: 27 minute walk in the freeeeeezing-ness.
1:30 pm: ginger peach green tea plain
ipod 1367

2:33 pm: resisted lindt dark chocolate offered by my co-worker. SO HARD. Also resisted a mentos earlier, MUCH easier!!
2:50 pm: Lunch! 2 sausage patties (homemade) with a bunch of broccoli with coconut oil and salt

ipod 1366
3:50 pm: work is done! Time for a long drive home with my baby
6:30 pm: finally home after hanging with some friends,time for dinner! I had some roast chicken I made the day before with a spinach salad that had balsamic vinegar, avocado, cucumber and tomato. Delish!

ipod 1370
10:00 pm: feeling snacky but i do not give in to sugary items! I had a kinda big handful of brazil nuts. Milk thistle and vanilla with a bit of coconut milk and cinnamon for ultra satisfaction.

ipod 1371
ipod 1372
10:45 pm: dying hearing my boyfriend eating his cereal. Mini wheats. I would never usually want it but I do right now! I buckle up and let the moment pass. I did not give in to any temptation :)
11:30 pm: nighty night!

Decode my day:
Pink: cravings
blue: liquids (water not mentioned…I sip on water all day!)
orange: food
green: exercise


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