21DSD take 2! Day 1

Hey guys! So I’m back, I haven’t posted much recently because my computer is totally broken! It takes about 20 minutes to load any page…no matter the program! So I’m not on there much, doing a lot of reading and knitting instead lately!

Anyways, this post is about me doing the 21 day sugar detox again. You may remember that i did it previously, for about 2 days, and then i quit! I didn’t think it was right at the time. It was too early in my transition and too restrictive so i put it on the back burner, but now i am ready.

It was my birthday yesterday and I went a little crazy, ate a bunch of stuff that made me feel really shitty. Cheesecake, normal cake, croissant sandwiches…IE not paleo in the least. The past 4 days have been awful. It was a funeral, a wedding, and then my birthday so i had pretty much 0 control over what I was eating. And I didn’t really care either. I just told myself whatever, I’m going to eat what i want this weekend! With it in mind that I would be doing this detox afterwards. Of course I probably made it more difficult on myself, because this way I’m probably going to be detoxing MORE considering the amount of sugar I ate in the past week. So yeah, I think it’s going to be pretty challenging, but I need it. I’ve been feeling SO bloated, so UN MOTIVATED, and just like BLAH. Today is day 1, and it’s been going okay.

I took a walk while I thought of this post. I decided for this 21 days I will take a walk everyday too. just because I know it’s good for me, i like the fresh air and the sunlight! Today has been okay. I haven’t felt super full, which I don’t like. I like being stuffed, although I know that this is the way it’s supposed to be!
I’m still adjusting to that aspect of being paleo.

For breakfast I had some lunch meat, with 2 eggs, and some green beans. Lunch was more green beans and homemade sausage patties I made in the morning. I snacked on chicken slices wrapped on cucumber and mustard, and after my lunch I had a green tipped banana with some brazil nuts. I’m not so into the green tipped banana thing, but I’m going with it because it is better than nothing! Mine was a bit chilled from my lunch box which helped make the texture a bit less…awkward! I’m not eating ANYTHING besides green apples and green tipped bananas in terms of fruit.

Some other things I’m doing this 21 days is to eat my FCLO/BO blend everyday. Not a huge challenge because I haven’t missed a day since I got it but i will keep focusing on this. I’ll also be drinking milk thistle tea everyday, and it should help with the detox. It’s also quite tasty so I really don’t mind doing it! I do need to look into it’s efficiency compared to a supplement form, but i like taking just a plain herbal tea form over a capsule daily.

(This is a cup of milk thistle and some herbal peppermint tea)

One of the reasons I’m doing this is to get my skin more under control. My acne WAS improving until I ate a bunch of garbage and caused it to start breaking out again. I’ve seen good things from the milk thistle so I’m sticking to it! I’ll also be rubbing tamanu oil on my face every night. It seems to be helping my scars on my cheeks which is a huge blessing so I will keep it up! Also, having this goal ensures I will be properly washing my face every.single.night!


That’s about it! Above if a photo of the groceries I did yesterday in order to prepare myself for the upcoming week.Ill be keeping you updated through the next 21 days. If you are doing the 21DSD too, please leave me a comment! That way we can chat about it, and more importantly commiserate about it…because I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy!

Good luck friends!

(this post was written on February 4, 2012)


2 thoughts on “21DSD take 2! Day 1

  1. Props to you for trying this again! I can never get past about 1.5-2 weeks! I like the feeling of being stuffed too (it kinda hurts sometimes but then I know I’m full and satisfied :) ), so I can totally relate to that… still not over it haha. GOOD LUCK!

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