Gluten Free Dark Espresso Chocolate Brownies


So first of all, these brownies are NOT paleo! I made them for my best friend who is not paleo but is gluten free (and a vegetarian…sigh. So close…). I won’t lie; I also ate one…or two. They are REALLY good! REALLY!!!027-001

The consistency is perfect and the taste is divine. The original recipe called for a dark chocolate bar, and I accidently picked up an ESPRESSO bar. I used green & black’s organic brand. The result was amazing. Chocolate brownie infused with espresso flavour. Yes!


Apparently I am a terrible shopper, because not only did I pick up the wrong bar, I also picked up the wrong kind of sugar. And I didn’t check to make sure I had enough chocolate either. Luckily I did buy the chips to stud the top, so I used some of those, too. I really don’t know what was going through my head! Nothing intelligent, obviously.


In the end, these brownies own. And the espresso made them even more awesome. So I thought I’d share. If you want a gluten free treat and don’t mind a ton of sugar, make these! Or do as I did and pass them off onto a friend. They are certainly healthier than any premade brownie she would have been buying, I’m sure. And as a 21 year old, I must say, most of my friends are not cooking much for themselves, if at all. The average party fare is a big bag of Sweet Chilli Heat Doritos passed in a circle. So I’d say these are an upgrade! I’m thinking of bringing these into work whenever we have our next potluck.

The original recipe is right here. I’ll let you in on the changes I made below!

Mmm…Melted espresso chocolate and coconut oil…is this real life?


These are the ingredients I used personally:

5 ounces high quality 60-70% cocoa ESPRESSO dark chocolate

1/2 cup organic coconut oil

1 cup dark brown sugar (not packed)

1/2 cup almond meal

1/4 cup sorghum flour

1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

2 organic free-range eggs, beaten

1 tablespoon vanilla


Once again, all the instructions are here. So check it out! These things will blow your mind.


3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Dark Espresso Chocolate Brownies

  1. my mind is kinda blown already by the fact that a Green & Blacks espresso chocolate bar exists and I’ve never tried it. Huge chocolate fail on my part. Huge.
    The brownies look delish btw. And heck, they may not be paleo, but I’d still probably eat them :)

    • Haha…me either! somehow I bought an espresso bar…BY ACCIDENT! best mistake ever? I really want to go buy another just to eat it. I did steal a square to try it out though, and it was delicious.

      my thoughts exactly :)

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