This morning, as I looked outside onto a very gray, very cold day, I wanted something colourful for breakfast. Something to take my mind off of my view right now:011-001

Yesterday at work I was talking with a co-worker about tropical vacations. My uncle lives in Hawaii and I so badly wish I could go visit him RIGHT NOW! In Ottawa it is a whopping 21 degrees F and foggy today. The above photo is not even black and white, that’s really what it looks like! So I decided to eat some salsa and try to feel better. Also it was that same uncle who taught me to love avocados, so I guess this was a bit of an homage breakfast to him as well.


Inspired by the coconut eggs I made from the Make it Paleo Cookbook, I decided to do another take on the whole ‘separating the yolk, mixing stuff in with the whites’ idea. This is a perfectly fried over easy egg, but the whites are actually slightly whipped and mixed with salsa! The mixture is poured into a small pan, the yolk placed back on top, and then the egg cooked as usual.


The result? Yummy flavoured egg whites and a perfect yolk for dipping your avocado into.

(Makes 1 egg, you can make 2 or 3 if you want! I only had 1 egg left in the house)

1 egg, white and yolk separated
1 tbsp. salsa, I use an all natural basic ingredient salsa Garden Fresh Gourmet
Small amount of butter for frying

recommended to be eaten with salsa and avocado!

Heat butter in small frying pan. After the yolk and white are separated, slightly hand whisk the white in a bowl. It will not be fully peaked or anything, just have a slight increase in volume. Mix in 1 tbsp. salsa and pour into heated pan. Place yolk on top of whites (as pictured below). Cook until whites are mostly opaque and then flip it! Cook for a few more seconds, maybe 20, or to your preferences, and serve.


The white will come out fluffy, the yolk runny, and the overall breakfast delicious!



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