Eat your Kraut!–Steak and Bacon ‘scramble’ with Sauerkraut

In all of the research and learning I’ve been doing in the past two weeks since becoming paleo, I’ve heard a LOT about probiotics. In fact, I heard a lot about probiotics even before ever coming to paleo! Everyone want’s a healthy gut with immune boosting buddies inside, right?


Well, truth be told, I hadn’t been getting much healthy bacteria before this switch. I would guess my occasional kombucha and daily greek yogurt were my only sources. In fact, before this very morning, I had never even tried sauerkraut. Ever. And truth be told, first bite in, I wasn’t sure ‘kraut was for me!


Organic and local, can’t do much better than that! I found this at my local Rainbowfoods in the refrigerator next to bubbies! This one was more expensive but for my first try

I decided my best play was to make something really yummy to eat with it. I did look into cooking with it but learned that my hunch was correct, and most of the benefits are lost if you start cooking with the stuff. Instead I kept it raw and used it sort of as a condiment to my meat and veg stir-fry/scramble. Meat and veggie stir fries are becoming a new favourite for me!


This one consisted of 2 slices of bacon, my leftover steak chopped up into little pieces, 1/2 a white onion, and a whole zucchini, thinly sliced. I sauteed them up in butter and a splash of balsamic vinegar for ultimate yumminess until everything was wilted and heated and gorgeous and delicious!


I then proceeded to devour this, mixing a bite of sauerkraut with a bite of the stir fry. Guess what…delicious! I actually ended up doubling my serving. YAY! I can find ways to eat this darn stuff :) That is a relief! So if you are afraid to try it out, here are a few tips from one newbie to another:

1) DONT COOK IT! You don’t want to be eating this stuff for nothing now do you?

2) Have on the side of something you really enjoy. Bacon was a way to guarantee tastiness. You can’t go wrong!

3) Don’t give up! I tried it plain first and thought “oh darn, I really have wasted my money this time”, but now that I’ve found a way to enjoy it, I’m really glad I bought it!

I’ll be searching for more ways to eat kraut in the future. I may even need to make a probiotic pin board on my pinterest page.


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