21 Day Sugar Detox


Since adapting to a paleo lifestyle I have been feeling fabulous. Not too many slip ups! Maybe some dark chocolate here and there. I did notice that I am very dependant on the dried fruit and fresh fruit though. I feel like I am still always wanting that sweet taste to finish a meal and I really want to be done with that. I decided that I will do the 21 day sugar detox from balanced bites leading up to Christmas, which I am already expecting to need a lot of leeway with. I am only 21, so I won’t be cooking Christmas dinner this year or any year soon, hopefully! I’ll try to make the best choices for me but I’m also really not worried about it. One unhealthy meal will not kill me! < /tangent >

Apparently this stuff might help the cravings!

I want to end my reliance on sugar once and for all. I figure this structured program can really help me. I might as well share my experience because hey, what else is this blog really for? Other than sharing my experiences in the hopes that it will help others. It should also help expose this program to others, too!

I’m starting the challenge on Monday, Dec 3 (TODAY!!!!!!). Final day being Dec 23, day before I  head off to two days of eating at relatives places. I think I made it harder for myself by eating a bunch of sugar the night before. Ugh. I was at my parents…chocolate pudding cake…yeah. I bet this will make it harder and easier at the same time! Harder because I definitely do have some sugar in me, easier because I feel like CRAP after yesterday (bloated, crampy) so i really DON’T want to eat any more garbage.

So, today is the day! Wish me luck! and if you are interested, check out the following couple of places:

The Facebook page for the challenge

The Pinterest Board for the challenge

The Balanced Bites Blog


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