Paleo Lunch Series 2 & a dangerous snack

Welcome back for another edition of the paleo lunch series. Har har. See the other lunch ideas I have to offer Here!

Here’s a lunch I brought for myself sometime last week.


We’ve got some thinly sliced steaks of some sort, which I fried up in the morning before work. 1/2 for breakfast, 1/2 for lunch! (What’s shown is the 1/2 i ate for lunch only, no skimpy portions here!

Cauliflower, organic cherry tomatoes, snap peas and some baby carrots for dipping into the avocado pictures below them. See:

Crappy Iphone photo, my apologies


And then there is this little snack of doom! Dried pears with a smearing of coconut butter. You. will. DIE! So good. So irresistible. It’s wrong. It’s also delicious on top of no sugar added dried pineapple, mango, papaya, etc. So freaking delicious. Good on fresh apples too! Can you tell I love this stuff?


On one other note…please, follow me on pinterest! I just started an account just for this blog and I need more than 1 follower hehe :) Please? I’ll follow you back!



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