CGEP cooks through her books #1 – Chicken Bone Broth

I have an abundance of recipes to cook thanks to this little stack of books:


So I decided to do a series where I cook through all of these cookbooks, before I buy more. So I can save money and eat good food. Julia & Julia style. I call it:  CGEP cooks through her books.

(I’m CGEP –  Canada Girl Eats Paleo, get it?)

So stay tuned for many more installations of this!


One of the things that really got me interested in the paleo lifestyle is podcasts. I started out with the Everyday Paleo Podcast. After listening to a few episodes, I wasn’t convinced. But by all 28 (minus the first 5 which i can’t find to download) I was sold on the whole ‘paleo’ idea. Then I wanted to expand my horizons a bit, and I came across Practical Paleo and the Balanced Bites Podcast.

On the Balanced Bites Podcast they often discuss the benefits of bone broth and how delicious Diane’s recipe is. I decided I just had to try it! I bought a pack of chicken bones (all I could find) and some chicken breasts with the bone in. De-boned those babies and popped ‘em into my slow cooker for 23 hours!


Getting Ready


Yummy Smashed Garlic


23 hours later…


We have broth!

It is good plain or made into soup. I also froze half in a style I had seen on pinterest:


Freeze in a ziploc freezer baggie on top of a cutting board. After it has frozen, remove cutting board and stack in the freezer for easy storage! I love this idea and it totally worked.

This broth was a smashing hit with me and the boyfriend! I’m happy to know it’s full of good things for us too.

Find Diane’s recipe here.


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